Senin, 10 Maret 2014

Conversation at The Mall

Hi Blogger.....
This time I will post a conversation to the task of English soft skill maybe useful for all bloggers.....

Ajie : Hi Morning... May I sit here ?
Ainul : Morning... Yes of course..
Ajie : By the way I’m Ajie, and you ?
Ainul : Owh, I’m Ainul. What are you doing here Ajie ?
Ajie : I’m waiting for my friend..
Ainul : What you have promised him to shopping in this mall ?
Ajie : Yes, How about you ?
Ainul : So do I, I’m waiting for my friend too..
Ajie : Really ? So we have the same reason why sitting here..
Ainul : Yaph. Are you a student ?
Ajie : Yes I’am a student of management in Gunadarma University. What about you?
Ainul : I also a student of management too, but in another university and next year I hope I can graduate..
Ajie : Nice. Whats your plan after graduate ? Do you want to work or continue studies to S2 ?
Ainul : hmmm maybe looking for a job and I’m to be an employee in a company. What about you ?
Ajie : yes, I hope so. I want to be an employee yet my parents wanted me to become a teacher..
Ainul : I think you must know what your skill..
Ajie : Yaph, you're right..
Ainul : hmmmm Ajie my friend has send me a message and I have to pick her up..
Ajie : Really ? Yes no problem..
Ainul : Ok, nice to see you Ajie...
Ajie : Nice to see you too..

Nama : Ainul Mawaddah
NPM  : 10213491
Kelas  : 1EA02

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